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We Will Rock You!

Providing Jiu Jitsu for the City of Poughkeepsie. 

Discover Mercury Jiu Jitsu

Established in 2023, Mercury Jiu Jitsu is dedicated to blending tradition and innovation in the art of Jiu Jitsu. Our focus is on self-defense and self-discovery, prioritizing personal growth over competition. With our gi and no gi beginners classes, advanced training, and upcoming kids classes, we cater to practitioners of all levels and walks of life. In addition to Jiu Jitsu, we offer yoga and striking classes to enhance your overall fitness and well-being.

Aikido Takedown


 tel: 845-444-4560


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meet the staff


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Leo teaching classes covers old and new school of jiu jitsu. His methods instruct a variety of scenario exemplified  by his superiors. "Jiu-jitsu is for everybody, but not anybody can do it!"

Leonardo S. de Sousa

Owner and Head Instructor 

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"Believe or not, this is my handshake gesture before every roll!" btw I'm not a real person! 


Terry Banks

marcelo garcia

Typical American name, and warm smile, don't let it fool you though! His skillset can make a new Marcelo Garcia smiles :)

Sean Walters


tel: 845 444 4560 
9 vassar street poughkeepsie n.y.

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